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The #1 Network for Mentors, Coaches and group mentoring sessions worldwide


I’ll mentor you is the #1 worldwide Network of Mentors, coaches and group mentoring events. We offer our visitors links to quality individual and group mentoring providing the help needed to drive the mentee toward achieving their life goals and ambitions.


Our service offers access to a wide range of relative mentors and coaches for people young and old without the delay of waiting for company referrals and or official local borough, government decisions. The right Mentor can be just a click away today!


Our network provides a safe channel to the right mentor when you need it and to address exactly what you feel is needed for you or your child to get back on track or fine tune behaviour and life skills. Our experienced team is also always here and ready to help if you are not sure what type of mentoring you need or you need help being linked with the right mentor or event for you.

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Who Needs A Mentor?

Mentoring is for anyone and everyone. We do not only need mentoring when we are young or struggling with our career, and mentoring isn’t just for those without a sense of direction either. Everyone can use some direction at some time or another.

That is why ‘I’LL Mentor You’ provides a service that is for ANYONE needing help from a mentor or coach. Whether that assistance is needed to push them to the top of the hill or find that hill in the first place!

Whether you need career guidance, business advice, life coaching to help with personal goals or a mixture of all three, ‘ I’LL Mentor You ’ has a mentor or service that can help. From sports coaching to entrepreneurship to tackling phobias and improving your health, we have a mentor or service that can help you break down barriers, identify goals and achieve them.

Fully Vetted Mentors

All coaches and mentors in our ‘ I’LL Mentor You ’ database have passed a UK enhanced DBS check or their country equivalent, and are fully vetted to offer a safe and efficient service giving you confidence in our mentors and peace of mind.

Mentors that are from other parts of the world are also required to provide official personal documents to verify their identity and confirm their history with the local police/government in their specific country. For more information on our vetting systems in each country please contact us.

Our Mentoring approach

At I’ll Mentor You, our Mentors strive to provide a modern approach to their mentoring strategies.

The world and our communities are changing constantly and we are very aware of many influences that can affect our mentees. It is essential that our mentors and their mentoring adapts to these changes while maintaining our company values of growth, respect for all, and a positive approach to life.

We feel these values are the best foundations for success and form the basis of everything we do as individual mentors and a company as we adapt our strategies to ensure they are relevant, up-to-date and effective for all of our mentees.

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